Community Outreach Acupuncture Program (COAP)

Bringing you the medicine of ancient skills and healing to help you COPE

COAP is designed to provide affordable acupuncture for specific conditions in a group setting to address: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Headache, Pain, PTSD, Smoking Cessation, Addictions, Insomnia, Weight Loss, Overall Health, etc.  

COAP is offered on Thursday afternoons (3PM-6PM) at the Yellow Springs Healing Center. Appointments are 30 minutes and unlike private sessions.  By relaxing in a group setting, a feeling of calm and comfort will be felt in a collective energetic field which also becomes part of the treatment as you may discover over time.

The objective of providing acupuncture in this setting is to allow the benefits and affordability of acupuncture within a reasonable timeframe.  Therefore, please do not expect a private-style type of treatment in which your practitioner will spend a while talking, questioning, and reviewing medical records or conditions with you.  Such treatments are available and can be scheduled upon request.   On your first visit, you must still complete the COAP New Patient Forms (provided on this page) and your practitioner may still check your pulses and look at your tongue to formulate a diagnosis bases on Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Making acupuncture affordable to the community and beyond has been a dream of mine. While these sessions appear to have a different protocol, they are still very effective because they allow for more frequent treatments. You may find your preference is either community style or private session acupuncture.  Either way, I am here to offer any of these for your utmost benefit.


I look forward to meeting and helping you.  Love and Light and Blessings!

Sharmine N. Lynch, L.Ac. 

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Bringing you medicine of ancient skills and healing to help you COPE

COAP New Patient Forms

Please download, print, and complete all forms and bring these to your appointment. Forms are provided if this is not possible, but please arrive 15 minutes early to complete them.  Type of payment accepted at COAP is Cash or Check only.  Further instructions will be provided onsite.

COAP New Patient Forms (pdf)